Роман Смаль

Роман Смаль

Senior Software Engineer (React Native) у GlobalLogic

With approximately five years of experience, including two major projects and over three years prior, I have a diverse background in software engineering.

While working on the Broadcast Radio App (USA) project, I contributed significantly to developing a cutting-edge streaming radio and podcast application. I implemented innovative features, resolved complex code issues, and conducted rigorous testing using React Native, TypeScript, HLS, CarPlay, Android Auto, Recoil State management, and XState.

At the Smart Home App (Germany), I focused on code analysis and problem-solving, improving application performance using technologies such as React Native, TypeScript, GraphQL, and MobX.

My Full Stack Developer role at the local company (Kyiv) involved analyzing project requirements, improving backend code, and client consultations, with expertise in JavaScript, React, and PHP. I also have experience as a web developer, working on various web projects, emphasizing JavaScript.

Regarding technical skills, I possess deep theoretical knowledge of JavaScript, React, React Native, Expo, and TypeScript. I've utilized SOLID principles and OPP. I'm proficient in XState, MobX, Redux, and Recoil for state management. I also comprehensively understand WebSockets, GraphQL, HLS, and REST API technologies.

In addition to my core technology stack, I'm skilled in integrating complementary technologies and libraries, including Axios, Lodash, React Navigation, Redux, React Query, Formik, React Native Elements, Axios, and Moment.js.

I have a strong track record of writing unit tests, achieving a remarkable 95% test coverage. I actively participated in code reviews and proposed and implemented a code review rotation process to enhance knowledge sharing.

I'm familiar with various software development processes, including SCRUM and Kanban. I also have experience mentoring junior team members and serving as a trusted interviewer.

My communication skills extend to business communication with foreign clients, and I excel in providing detailed status reports and sharing knowledge through presentations and project wikis.

In summary, I offer extensive technical expertise, a proactive approach, and a commitment to delivering high-quality software solutions with a strong track record of success.